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How to Boost the Effectiveness of Roller Garage Doors

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A garage door is a fundamental part of security for any home, as it is the first line of defence against any intruders. Your garage is often the place where you store quite a few expensive items, such as bikes, cars, and tools, making it a target for many thieves when they try to break and enter.

It’s shocking to discover that 28% of us don’t take any precautions when it comes to the security of our homes, even when it is so easy to install some simple deterrents. Obviously, there are several ways a burglar can break in through your garage door, even if it has been locked, so it’s important to know what they will look for and how you can strengthen your security.

Security Lighting

If there’s anything a burglar will fear, it’s being caught in the act. A motion triggered security light will turn on without warning when it detects movement in the area, startling the intruder and stalling them from continuing the theft. This simple yet effective security measure could prevent the burglar from going any further,thereby totally preventing a robbery.

CCTV Cameras/Dummy CCTV

A CCTV system is an invaluable way of not only recording any suspicious behaviour, but also can be a deterrent within itself. Statistics show that burglars are more likely to avoid theft if a house has cameras installed. Even dummy cameras, a cheaper alternative to that of the real thing, are just as effective when acting as a deterrent.

Having a real CCTV system installed means that if items are stolen from your garage, you’ll be able to pass this footage onto the police who may be able to identify them.


An alarm that alerts when motion is detected will startle anyone trying to open the garage door entrance by observing the gap between the frame and the garage door. If someone tries to open it, the alarm will be triggered immediately, alerting residents and people in the surroundings.


If you have a dog on the premises you want to protect, advertise this around your property as it’s proven that this is one of the biggest deterrents of intruders. A dog barking is extremely unsettling for an intruder and they will likely leave your property immediately. Furthermore, just by putting signs such as ‘Beware of the dog’ up on your garage door, intruders will think the risk does not make the theft worth it, so will try another property.

Garage Door Defenders

One of the most effective prevention techniques of burglary in this list, garage door defenders are mechanisms that are most suited for up and over garage doors and work by blocking the tilt action of the door. The bar and base plate ensure that the garage door cannot be lifted more than a few millimetres as it is fixed into the ground. By removing the strong padlock, you’ll be able to easily open your garage when you need to use it.


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