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How to Fix a Stuck Roller Shutter

Roller shutters offer premium security solutions due to their impenetrable exterior and accurate fit. Any small problems in a roller shutter can compromise the security of your premises, and it’s therefore very important you stay on the lookout for any issues. Since roller shutters are made up of various intricate parts, there could be a number of reasons why your roller shutters have become stuck. This article is going to take a look at a few and help ensure your roller shutters are performing to the best of their ability.

How to fix broken electrics in roller shutter?

Perhaps the most simple to fix, one reason for your roller shutters becoming stuck is that the batteries in your remote may be dead. Our first recommendation would be to simply replace the batteries with new ones and then test the remote out on your shutters.

How to fix jammed roller shutter components?

If your shutters are still stuck after replacing the batteries (or your roller shutters are entirely mechanical and not electrical anyway), then it’s likely that some mechanical components have become jammed. A solution to this issue is to spray the components of your roller shutter with a lubricant, such as WD-40. The WD-40 will loosen up the mechanisms, allowing them to move smoothly. Open up the box at the top of your slats and you should be able to investigate further.

How to fix broken slats?

It’s possible that some of the slats of your roller shutter are either uneven or broken. This will certainly cause the roller shutter to function incorrectly. To fix this, you may need to remove the slats. Usually, they will be connected together via clips. Unclip the slats and remove them to inspect and replace. If a slat is broken and you need to replace it, ensure you are purchasing one with the exact same specifications. We strongly advise going straight to the manufacturer to getting replacement slats. Not only will you be certain of receiving the right product but you should also be able to find directions on how to reattach them. In any case, hire a professional who will be able to service your stuck roller shutter. Safe & Secure offer maintenance and repairs from highly qualified engineers that are widely experienced in all types of roller shutter issues.

How to fix a chain on a jammed roller shutter?

Another reason for your roller shutter not lowering correctly is that the chain has become dysfunctional. This may due to damage or simply due to rust that has accumulated as a result of old age. If your chain is the primary problem, it will need to be replaced. This can be achieved by opening the box at the top of the roller shutter and simply removing the chain. Then, find a replacement, preferably through the manufacturer directly, and reattach it. It may be a good idea to lubricate the new chain with WD-40 just before installing.

At Safe & Secure, we offer a wide range of roller garage doors and roller shutters made from only the highest quality materials to ensure safety and longevity. Whether for domestic or commercial use, we’ll have the solution that’s right for you. For any issues you do have, we have a team of highly experienced engineers ready to tackle any roller shutter door issue. To learn more about our wide range of products and services, give our friendly team a call today.


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