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Insulated vs Uninsulated Garage Doors

A garage door may not be the first part of the house you’d think of insulating, but opting to do so could grant you a wealth of benefits. This article is going to highlight these benefits, and help you decide whether or not you should purchase an insulated garage door.

Why buy an insulated garage door?

Energy Efficient Garage Doors 

By insulating your garage door you are preventing your garage from getting cold. The added polystyrene or polyurethane, along with the thick galvanised steel frames, act as a barrier against invading cold air. This is especially useful if you are often in your garage  — perhaps using it as a workshop — but will be beneficial for the rest of the house also. If your garage is attached to the rest of your home, an uninsulated garage can cause cold air to reach other parts of the house, especially any rooms that are directly above. This will cause the house to become colder, leading to a greater need for central heating and thus costing more on your energy bill. Therefore, purchasing an insulated garage door may be an investment in the long run despite being more expensive.

Durable Garage Doors 

Garage Doors come in three varieties; there are garage doors with a single layer of steel that possess no extra insulation, doors with double layers of steel that include a single layer of polystyrene insulation, and doors with three layers of steel and a combination of both polystyrene and polyurethane insulation. Opting for insulated doors not only provides you extra insulating materials but also a greater amount of steel. This results in a much thicker, durable and more robust garage door. The added thickness increases protection against any small or significant damage, and could therefore save you money on replacements or repairs. In addition, many customers have stated that the added thickness of their garage door gives it a more premium feel — and we find it hard to disagree.

The above not only highlights the various benefits, but also show how the only con — price — has little bearing on the debate between insulated and non insulated doors. Insulated doors, along with their attractive look, robust exterior and insulating abilities, are bound to save you money.

How do I know which insulated garage door to get?

As already noted, insulated garage doors can be acquired with a double layer or triple layer of steel. The former includes a single layer of polystyrene and the latter includes both polystyrene and polyurethane. However, there is a more thorough labelling system you can use to determine how successful a garage door is at insulating.

Insulated garage doors used an ‘R-value’ system to measure how effective they are at insulating against heat loss. The numbers will range between 8 and 32, with the higher number being the better insulator. The higher rated doors will typically cost more though, as they provide greater insulation.

Here at Safe & Secure we offer a variety of garage doors, made bespoke to your requirements. As well as insulation, we also cater for design and size. To find your perfect garage door, give our team a call today or contact us here.



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