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What to Consider Before Buying a Garage Door Online in 2019

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With a higher demand for garages and garage doors than ever before, there are plentiful options to consider when selecting a new door including materials, sizes, prices and various operation options on the market. Whilst having a vast choice is great, it can be difficult knowing what will best suit your needs. That’s why Safe and Secure Roller Shutters have put together a guide offering helpful advice when it comes to looking for a new garage door, explaining the best functionalities to ensure it works with your lifestyle. 


Factors you’ll want to consider when buying a new garage door:


The first and foremost feature you need to consider when buying a brand new garage door is its security. Most modern garage doors of today will have secure industry standard euro profile cylinder locks with interlocking rods and firm handles.

Look for strong door panels because the stronger they are, the harder it is for intruders to damage these panels in order to get to the internal locking system. Steel doors with double skins and foam filling are extra secure and resistant to forced entry – ideal if you lock your car in your garage at night, or if your garage joins to your home.

Often times, garage doors are on an inconvenient slant, or need extra care when installing them around awkward edges. Ordering online won’t take these aspects into consideration and you will be delivered a door which doesn’t fit correctly into the space it needs to. Furthermore, you may need a professional to fit the door to ensure there are no draughts or faults. Any gaps around the edges of the door will make it harder to insulate your garage or protect it from the cold and moisture.

Be careful with budget electric doors because a remote opener alone is not secure enough. It’s always good to have a backup security system, with a manual lock.


If you have children and pets coming in and out of your garage, it’s very important to invest in safety sensors – this has been industry standard since 1993. Sensors prevent accidents and injuries and will stop or reverse when an object, person or pet is obstructing its path.

When you order a garage door from a website, you have no way of knowing if the door is safe upon installation or not. Websites often lack testimonials and when they do, you have no way of knowing if the company is authentic or not. By using our reputable service, you will be serviced by industry professionals with 30 years experience, who will take extensive measures to ensure the safety and functionality of your garage doors.


Which Material to Use?

Always speak with your local professionals and take a look at their products to ensure you’re happy with the quality and manufacturing processes. The main issue with ordering a cheaper garage door from the internet, is that it is often quickly and clumsily manufactured; breakages are therefore common and cost you more money in the long run. You may find the paint begins to crack and peel, and then the cheap rollers begin to malfunction after exposure to the elements or high usage. Always speak with your local professionals and take a look at their products to ensure you’re happy with the quality and manufacturing processes.

Wood: the most common types include cedar and oak. Wood garage doors offer countless design options, since they can be painted, stained and can be whittled to match the architecture of your home. Wood is hardwearing and soundproof, which means you can be flexible with the use of your garage. That said, wood must be treated yearly, so be prepared to oil, sand and paint it.

Steel: is generally the strongest material and certain types of garage doors, such as sectional doors and can be double skinned up to 45mm thick, which is ideal for homeowners looking for security and insulation. 

Aluminium: is typically common with roller doors and sectional doors. This material requires minimal maintenance and is much lighter than steel, which means it can help you to save space because the operating drum is significantly smaller. Aluminium doors operate quietly and tend to have excellent seals.

Vinyl: known for their affordability, vinyl garage doors are durable, low maintenance and can be installed easily. That said, vinyl isn’t ideal if you’re looking for optimal insulation.

Fiberglass: is a light material, meaning little strain is put onto the mechanics that operate the door, so maintenance and repairs are few and far between. Fiberglass is resistant to corrosion but isn’t great at insulating your garage. This material is better suited to warm environments and more functional garages – rather than garages that are used as a gym/laundry or gaming room, for example.


Your budget
Depending on what you’re looking for in a garage door, the price will vary. Price fluctuates significantly when it comes to the size of the door because the larger the door, the more material needs to be used and the more complex the mechanisms are. Material is also a big factor because some materials are easier to source than others and usually, the more expensive materials tend to last longer – which makes them a worthwhile investment.

Sometimes you may fall victim to a scam; this may happen on a questionable website you decided to trust or on a well-known websites like eBay. This may mean receiving faulty equipment, the wrong door or nothing at all. If the site or person you are ordering from doesn’t have an address, this is usually a sign that you shouldn’t order from them.


It’s always better to research your potential purchases thoroughly before you buy; by using a local garage door company, you will be able to order bespoke garage doors and have them installed by experienced and friendly professionals. We offer an emergency service to all our customers – which is something online competitors can’t provide.

Safe and Secure can help you every step of the way when you’re looking for a new garage door, as our experience, flexibility in our products, and extensive knowledge will give you the assurance you need that you will obtain only the highest quality garage door. Our service has a trusted reputation, which we have built over our 30 years of experience in the industry.


When choosing the type of operation you’d like, you need to consider the amount of room you have around you because this will help you to choose between up and over, side hinged, tilt-up canopy and tilt-up retractable – either manual, remote controlled, or both.

Ordering a garage door online often means that there is no professional to help you fit the door in place. This leaves you figuring out the ins and outs of fitting the garage door, most likely taking you ages and making mistakes. By ordering a garage door from a specialist in the industry, it gives you peace of mind in knowing the installation will be fast and correctly done. Furthermore, if there are any problems with the door then you can refer to the professionals in the future so they can fix it for you.

Buying a new garage door process

If you’re in search for quality, affordable and reliable garage doors, look no further than Safe and Secure Roller Shutters. We have a wealth of experience, products and knowledge, so we can ensure you receive nothing but a first-rate service. For more information about our products and services, get in touch – we’re more than happy to help. We serve customers throughout Denbigh, Rhyl and the rest of North Wales and Northern England


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