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Why Are Steel Doors Better Than Wooden Doors?

For decades, wood and steel have been competing as the two materials of choice for security doors. Today we’re here to set the record straight. We vehemently believe that steel doors are a significantly better choice than their wooden counterparts.

But don’t just take our word for it — take a look for yourself. Today we’re going to put the two to the test. This article is going to explore the various qualities of both wooden and steel doors. Whereas one performance is wooden, the other one steals the show.


We’re called ‘Safe & Secure Roller Shutters’, not ‘Somewhat Vulnerable and Insecure Roller Shutters’. Hence, we can only promote security doors that provide the very highest levels of security. Steel doors offer just that.

Wooden doors are typically fashioned from plywood or timber and propped up by a thick piece of hardboard. They’re certainly no slouch, but wooden doors are simply unable to withstand heavy impacts to the same degree as galvanised steel. It takes a much lower level of force to dent, crack or break a wooden door. In contrast, the robust metal exterior of steel doors make them almost impenetrable.

There were 30,744 domestic fires in the UK between March 2017 and March 2018. This highlights the genuine risk we all face every day of becoming a part of the next statistic. Hence, installing a fireproof security door is paramount to ensuring maximum safety. Not only will being fireproof maintain the structural integrity of your door in the event of a fire, but it is also significantly safer in facilitating an evacuation.  Steel doors, unlike wooden doors, are entirely fireproof.

steel door


Time heals all wounds — but it doesn’t heal all doors. Wooden doors are vulnerable to harsh weathering and insect infestations. Both of these can break down the door over time, leading to a further lack in security and potentially a costly repair or replacement job.

Steel doors, on the other hand, are impervious to insect infestations and harsh weathering. This includes heavy rain. A common misconception is that steel doors will easily rust when left in a moist environment. However, most steel doors — and certainly the high quality steel doors sold at Safe & Secure — are fully waterproof.

Style and appearance

Style and appearance will ultimately come down to personal preference. However, we’d still like to state our case.

Many people complain that steel doors are ‘too plain’, but this is simply down to a lack of imagination. Here at Safe & Secure Roller Shutters, we offer steel doors in a variety of different colours and finishes. We take all requirements on board and offer home visits and bespoke measuring to find the perfect door for you. In addition, all steel doors provide a glossy shine that keeps the ‘premium feel’ unabated for longer than any wooden door.


Price is where most people expect steel doors to fall flat. We can’t blame them for thinking that; the look, feel and features of steel would certainly lead to it justifying a higher price point. However, quality wooden doors are actually much harder to manufacture, due to the natural materials involved. Steel is a widely available material and the manufacturing process is relatively easy. While it may vary somewhat, steel doors will generally be less expensive than wooden doors.

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, we’d like to recap with the following table:

Wooden Door Steel Door
Fireproof X
Waterproof X
Insect resistant X
Impenetrable X
Inexpensive X
Available from Safe & Secure in  a huge range of colours X

Here at Safe & Secure, we ensure we only manufacturer and supply only the very best roller shutters and security doors. We adhere to the strictest levels of safety, security and durability — and we believe these can only be achieved with steel doors. No longer will steel doors need to be considered ‘boring’ either, as our products are available to be fully customised to your requirements. To enquire further about our steel doors or any of the extensive products and services we offer our customers in the East of England, give our friendly team a call today.


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